Monday, December 30, 2013


Beth Dean, Columnist,

Having Ms is difficult, especially if you’re a mother! Everyone with Multiple Sclerosis knows that the disease drains you of your energy. Makes it difficult for you to do the simplest of tasks. Everyday life and everyday things seems like they take great effort to accomplish. God blessed me with two kids. Long before my diagnosis of MS last year in October. My little boy is 9, turning 10 two days before my birthday in February. He is the epitome of a loving child. I truly believe he is an old soul, and he cares more for others than he does his own self. With that being said…he understands my disease. The workings of it, but he is still a child and the fact that mom is “lazy” seems to just set better with him…My little girl who is turning 4 on September 11th of this year is a whole different story in itself! I believe with everything in me God sent me this girl because he knew that I would need he to push me. She keeps me on my toes. A ball of energy fails to describe what she is. She is me….trapped in a child’s body. Mommy is tired…or my legs hurt is not a adequate excuse for this one. “Just try Mommy” and “You can do it, you’re strong” comes out of her mouth on a daily basis, and it is EXACTLY what I need to hear.  I couldn’t imagine my life without my kids. They are exact opposites. One has empathy and worry…they other pushes me to live and gives words of inspiration. Which are wonders for kids that are only 9 and 3!

I know people with MS have problems. New problems in fact everyday. But the choice to be a parent should not feel like a burden. It set me free. Without my little rays of sunshine, my life would be very different with this illness. Why would I need to get up in the morning? Why would I care? But they make me want to live, and live a good life. To the best of my ability. Finding love again makes you think. Do I want to have another child? I’m only 28...and I would love to have a little mix of me and my fiance’ to give me strength. It’s scary…of course!

All the articles I have read say thing like Pregnancy is good for patients with MS! Multiple Sclerosis and pregnancy is no different than the pregnancy of a healthy individual. There are risks after the birth of your child…risk that you could go into a flare. But if I’m not mistaken….don’t we run a risk everyday? Couldn’t we go into a flare any day…with no notice at all? Life is suppose to be made up of unknowns. It’s what makes it worth living. The very reason we should make everyday the best we can! So the long and short of this article is….LIVE! Have a baby if it’s what you want! Without mine, I might not be here to write this article. As I watch my 3 year old play on her little computer as mommy writes on hers…my advice to you….is LIVE! Be able to look at someone and say I enjoyed every moment of my crazy, annoying, sometimes shitty life!There ya go lol