Thursday, June 20, 2013

I’m sick & tired of being sick & tired. I feel like bitching & damn it I intend to do so today

You know what pisses me off ?!!? Shitty days! 
With MS, you’ll have quiet a few of them…

The thing about shitty days for me is they come right in the middle of some good weeks! I’ll do awesome for weeks, better than ever. No balance issues, walk like a “normal” human being…even the muscle spasms will subside. 

Then BAM! Out of nowhere here comes a damn shitty day! You know the one I’m talking about?! You wake up looking around, thinking to yourself, do I really need to get up and use the bathroom? It seems so far away! You can feel your legs trembling already, yours arms are tingly and tight, and no matter how much or how little you slept…your STILL tired! 

It’s on these days that I remember, whether I want to or not that I have
an incurable disease and I am in fact sick. 

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I feel like bitching and damn it I intend to do so! Like I said in my earlier posts…everyone needs their pity days. 

Most of the time I joke around, make light of my situation…but today, TODAY I am down right pissed off about this crap and I want everyone to know about it. 

I think healthy people take their everyday life for granted. I know I did before my diagnosis in October of last year

If I would have known it would be difficult to even walk down the street I would have run laps around my home, played with my kids a little more, anything! I’ll have my day today…on this awesomely shitty day. 

Then tomorrow I’ll pull up my big girl panties, make a few jokes and carry on with my week. Because I know it could always be worse. 

Someone always has it worse than you. I’m glad to be alive. Blessed even! I have two beautiful and smart children, a wonderful boyfriend, a loving and understanding family and an awesome support group with Stan’s Angels! 

So in short…have your shitty day! Enjoy it!! Be a raging bitch, grouch, grump and down right unpleasant! 

But when you go to sleep at night be prepared, for when you wake up…you better make it a great day! 

Life’s too short. Especially for those of us with MS!